Fruits Allowed on the hCG Diet

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Fruits will be your primary source of sugar while following the hCG meal plan. It will be important to know that fruits will only be permitted with caution and in restricted amounts. Though fruits are known to be fiber-rich and offer an endless array of benefits, they’re limited to a small portion on the diet due to their higher calorie, sugar and carbohydrate content. Here we will discuss the importance of each permitted fruit and the suggested amounts while dieting on the hCG diet.

Note: Fruits are only allowed up to a serving of approximately 78.5 calories per day.

Apples = (small) 55 calories; (large) 110 calories

A staple in weight management and in support of weight loss, a study conducted out of Brazil found that women who ate apples three times per day lost more weight than women who ate no fruit while dieting. Apples are a great source of fiber and also help to fight cancer such as lung, breast, colon and liver cancer; as well as aid in lowering cholesterol.

Strawberries = (12 large) 72 calories; (20 medium) 80 calories

A handful of strawberries are permitted while on the hCG Diet. Strawberries contain fiber, which aid in healthy digestion and also help with satiety. Well known for their cardiovascular support, strawberries help to regulate blood sugar and are packed with Vitamin C, as well as other disease fighting antioxidants; and are an excellent weight loss resource.

Oranges = 69 calories

Renowned for its Vitamin C concentration, oranges provide approximately 116% of your daily recommended allowance of the disease fighting vitamin. A healthy Vitamin C intake is associated with a reduced risk of colon cancer, prevention of colds and prevention of recurring ear infections. Used whole as a snack or add flavor to meals with their juices, oranges provide excellent immune support and antioxidant protection. Note: do not replace oranges with tangerines as tangerines contain far greater sugar content than what is recommended while dieting.

Grapefruit = (Pink California) 92 calories; (Pink Florida) 74 calories

One half of this juicy, citrus fruit is suggested while dieting on the hCG Diet. Once again, packed full of Vitamin C, grapefruit also contains fiber which can lower cholesterol levels, provide satiety, increase metabolism and promote healthy digestion.

Keep in mind that canned and dried fruits of any variety are discouraged while on the hCG diet plan. The canned and dried versions of any fruit typically contain syrups that are filled with sugars and other preservatives. All fruit consumed should be whole and fresh with no added preservatives whatsoever.

Moving forward with your weight loss journey, these helpful resources will help you to gain the knowledge you need to make you weight loss success an everlasting and fully satisfied one.

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